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Why Candidates Fail Waec English And How to Pass 2020 English

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Reasons People Fail English in Waec 2020 and How to Pass Waec English

1. Poor Understanding of the Questions: The best way to fail English in Waec is to jump into answers without understanding the questions asked very well.

Read extensively to broaden your horizon and linguistic repertoire; take time to identify the actual demand of the questions before attempting them. Good knowledge of the basic rules of English grammar will enhance your understanding of Questions.

2. Poor Expression: Lack of appropriate vocabulary to pass your ideas, faulty analogy and concord, wrong use of tenses, poor use of conjunctions, prepositions and articles will greatly harm your Waec English; especially in the theory Part.

Always read through your work to correct grammatical errors and spellings before submitting your script. If you are a slow writer, ensure to improve your speed by practising as many questions and waec past questions as possible before the exam date.

Familiarize yourself with as many words as possible to boost your expression. Sound knowledge of parts of speech and figures of speech will go a long way to boost your expression.

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3. Poor Use of Punctuation Mark: Many persons are fond of writing without proper punctuation. Waec English is not Whatsapp or Instagram where anything is permitted. No matter how good your write up is, if you don’t know where to put a full stopcomma, paragraph, Quotation, Semi-Colon, etc, you will not score high.

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Prepare adequately for the Examination. Ensure to break down your Letter Writing, passages or Articles into paragraphs for better Understanding. Each paragraph must contain a fresh idea and properly punctuated. Put full stopcomma and other punctuation marks where necessary. Make sure your sentences are simple and meaningful.

4. Spelling Errors: Spellings won’t affect you in multiple-choice questions (OBJ). But when it comes to Waec English theory, your spelling will be properly checked. Waec will penalize you for errors in spelling.

Converse frequently in simple correct English. Don’t write what you don’t know in the name of grammar. Nobody is impressed with your “amoebatic vocabulary”. Don’t sound like an “ungrammatical lunatical imbecile”; use the words you can spell.


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5. Oversabi: Oversabi simply means going out of point (doing what you are not told just to impress). Many students write above the number of words they are required to write. Some even list twenty advantages when only five were required. Many attempts more than the number of Questions they are required to answer in Waec English. You are going out of instructions and you will be penalized for it.


Those marking Waec are not your mate; neither are they your roommates; Follow simple instructions. Don’t write essays far below or far above the number of words required. If waec says, “in not more than 300 words“, don’t write above 300 words (270 to 300 words is okay).

6. Poor Writing: Many people fail waec, not because they are not intelligent or know what they are doing, but because of poor writing. If those marking can’t see your wiring properly, they will assume what you are not writing.

We can’t say a girl is sexy when we can’t see her body.  Ensure to Work on your writing. Your writing may not be beautiful, but let it been seen by those marking. Do not paint your work, don’t cancel too much (stroke out mistakes). Just do everything possible to improve your writing so that it doesn’t hinder your success.

Hope you found this article helpful? This article covers the reasons people fail English in Waec particularly.  I wish you the very best.

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