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The image of the caged bird was used as a metaphorical expression to represent the classroom of which the bird was the bird that was caged. The poet used the expression to imply that the buy was like a bird that was caged and denied it’s freedom to move around to do what it likes. The image of the caged bird explain the experiences of the boy. He hacked the freedom he desires and he is restricted to a certain schedule. The poet compares formal education as a prison yard and simplifies this by comparing the school system as a sort of a birds in a cage. Birds are born to enjoy flying gleefully and freely and perching on trees as they sing delightful sings/tones. The restricted bird in a cage looses all of these. Similarly, in the school system where children are restricted and have no chance to make fun with the natural environment as they would naturally want is nothing better than a cage bird. Their youthful life destroyed by fear and has no choice other than to drop their tender wings in total lamentation.

The character and role of Mrs. Johnson appears mostly for comic relief. She is a flat caricature of the nosy, jealous neighbor. However, Hansberry employs the Mrs. Johnson character in order to point out the explosive realities that await the Youngers for being the first blacks to move into Clybourne Park. Mrs. Johnson is insensitive and unkind, asking indelicate, overly nosy questions. At one point, she practically says outright that she is hoping that the Youngers’ new house will be bombed. Although her warnings are about a very real danger to the Youngers, Mrs. Johnson’s manner is so offensive that she appears almost ludicrous. In other words Mrs Johnson also help shave the ill treatment melted out to the coloured race by the white westerners she brings in a copy of newspaper which comes the report of a bomb being detonated in the territory of the negroes and which leads to the death of a number of negroes. She is the character through whom the reader get to know that only beneatha has a little of formal education. She also goes an insight into the nature of the jobs available for the negroes. the negrose are never satisfied with their jobs.

The poet in the peom is not happy With what is going on his land but as an individual he has no power over what is going on in the society. He does not want to lose completely so he want something to be done about the old ways so that they will not be lost completely. He is pleading with the new generation to accommodate the old ways of life while behaving in the new norms he pleaded that the old culture be accommodate into the new culture so that they can interprets and practice the culture side by side. In doing this the poet doest condemn the new ways but he suggested that we should not abandon our ancestral culture practice and that instead of abandoning them we should accommodate both and blend together. He posit thus ” sew the old days for us, our fathers that we can wear them under our new garment… Make our self new flags and anthems while we left high the banner of our land.

Aloho comes in contact with her secondary school mate, Ochuole, who promises to secure a job for her by speaking with the Honourable Minister of External Relations, Chief Haladu Ade-Amaka, on her behalf. Ochuole keeps to her promise, and Aloho is offered a job as one of Chief’s protocol officers, not knowing that the job requires more than what she thinks. She is also unaware of the fact that Ochuole is being used by Chief to perpetrate criminal activities, especially drug trafficking. As regards this, Madam Hoha is not left out as her restaurant/hotel is the hideout for Chief’s criminal activities. As one of her hidden job descriptions, Aloho is given a package containing hard drugs to deliver in the United States of America. Having no idea of what is contained in the package, Aloho accepts the package from Chief Ade-Amaka wholeheartedly and subsequently gets arrested at the airport by drug law enforcement officers. Aloho is later released by the Judge and the prosecutors after collecting a huge sum of money from Chief. Upon her release, she discovers that she is pregnant by Chief and decides to abort the pregnancy after feeling being humiliated for having been used by Ochuole and Chief Ade-Amaka. Unfortunately, after several futile attempts to abort the pregnancy, Aloho dies after giving birth to the child. Ogeyi Ogar, Aloho’s true friend (whose pieces of advice she had turned down) is bent on having all those who used her friend punished. As a result, she reports Chief to the police. After an investigation initiated by ACP Yakubu and a careful examination of the legal issues in the illegal activities of Chief Ade-Amaka by the Judge of the Wasa High Court of Justice, Chief Ade-Amaka and his accomplices are found guilty. In the end, justice prevails as the all the corrupt public officers in the play have a harvest of the corrupt practices they’ve sown for years.




Fofo decides to tell her mother about her experience in Poison’s hands. Hence, she with her friend Odarley goes to see her mother. When they got to the house, Fofo stayed whereas Odarley moves ahead, invariably to go and test the waters.
The reluctancy in replying her greetings to the first woman she met, causes the woman’s daughter to prompt her mother which causes a reprimand. This makes Ordaley to ignore other members of the household and head directly for Maa Tsuru’s door. Deep in her own thoughts, Maa Tsuru is not conscious of the advancing of Ordaley and the cold treatment Ordaley had already received. As Maa Tsuru leans on her door looking idle-mindedly into space, Ordaley informs her that she was coming with Fofo who decided to stay back on the way because she was uncertain of the encounter.
Puzzled by sadness, Maa Tsuru cries out her sorry state in her house, her ostracism by all apart from Naa Yomo. She manages to ask Ordaley why Fofo decided to stay back out of the way. She becomes tensed up by the time the girl drops the hint a sinister thing had taken place. Consequently, her askance about what could have happened is confirmed when Ordaley calls Poison. She weeps in agitation and fear but prompts Ordaley to call Fofo.
After she is briefed about the condition of her family by Ordaley, Fofo ignores all except Naa Yomo. Fofo sits down and quickly suspects that something is missing in the room- her step father who has left. Fofo becomes despondent and disappointed in the fact that her mother allowed him to leave. Heart broken Maa Tsuru orders her daughter to leave. She assures Fofo she is not being sacked from her house but advised Fofo to move away or leave Accra if possible so as to fall prey to ‘they’ whom Fofo tries to find out.

Fofo who is confused, wants to know why the death of Baby T should necessitate an attempted rape on her, why Poison should get angered about a mother being told of her daughter’s demise.
Hence Maa Tsuru explains how poison came to the house to turn her into leper. Apparently, Poison had come to the house to openly reveal how Maa Tsuru released Baby T into prostitution and made money out of her demise. As a wicked person, Poison had threatened to replace Baby T with Fofo if Maa Tsuru or others involvement in the deal make him unhappy.
Fofo is vexed, protests her mother’s persistence that she should go away, and ponders where her mother wants her to go, especially when she lacks the wherewithal. She demands something better from her mother who has none to offer but Maa Tsuru regrets what she thinks “should not have happened”. The above made Fofo inquire if her father is still her mother’s husband.
Frustrated and weeping, Maa Tsuru decided to warn her daughter not to speak to her anyhow. Fofo is not impressed. Maa Tsuru prays silently for an end to her experience, after her daughter had told her she never wanted to come to her and her mother had shown surprise.
Later, fofo calmly asked why Poison is angry about Maami Borni coming to tell Baby T’s death to her mother and if anyone has spoken of what really happened.
Lastly, Maa Tsuru’s laments do not impress Fofo and later shows lack of concern to her mother’s consoling words; if she liked the plastic bag in the room. She(Fofo) meets Ordaley outside and inform that all is not right, they left afterwards.
In conclusion, this episode shows how decayed and depraved Shana society is in the book “faceless”


Alani, the third child of yaremi reject his ancestry by living ibadan for a long time. As a son to Ajumobi he is the heir and the right person to inherit his property. But his concerns are entirely different and values are not the same with those of the villagers too,he adopted an individualistic attitude to life, a sharp contrast to the laufi villager’s communistic deposition to the world around them.He is neither concerned about the well-being of his old mother nor his late father’s properties which he is the rightful owner of the properties.
Alani was advice by Uncle Dayo of his responsibilitiy as the only son of his father, he tell him of the continuity of life which even plants and animals obey.

Bigger berates himself for somehow failing to acquire more money during the murder and cover-up, feeling that he should have planned things more carefully. He visits Bessie and shows her the money. Bessie tells Bigger that his employers live in the same section of town as the Loeb family. They discuss a recent case in which Richard Loeb and his friend Nathan Leopold kidnapped a neighborhood boy, killed him, and tried to collect ransom money from the family. Bigger remembers the case and begins to concoct his own ransom plan. Bigger sees that Bessie is as blind as his family, as she uses liquor to blot out the pain of her life. He struggles over whether or not to trust her, but tells her that he has a big plan to obtain more money. Bigger tells Bessie that the Daltons’ daughter ran away with a “Red,” and that he took the money from Mary’s room after she disappeared. He says he wants to write a ransom note and collect more. He assures Bessie that Mary has disappeared for good, but Bessie is suspicious of how he knows for certain. When Bessie asks Bigger if he is involved with Mary’s disappearance, he threatens to beat her. He tells Bessie to retrieve the ransom money at a planned drop-off site, assuring her that he will be able to warn her if the money is marked or if the police are watching, as he works for the Daltons and will be privy to their plans. Bessie hesitantly agrees to help, so he gives her Mary’s money for safekeeping.

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